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About Us

It all started out as fun Mother/Daughter time, attending local craft shows. We love to craft ourselves, making all kinds of handcrafted rustic home decor out of barn wood, barbed wire, and horseshoes.
In the early 2000's we started competing in BBQ cook-offs as a family, and decided to set up a booth there, and our crafts went like wildfire, people loved them.
As Kayla got older, she really enjoyed creating all kinds of things herself, so we decided to do craft shows as a team. We do a couple a year and really enjoy it.
Kayla has now completed college and we have decided to branch out and open an online boutique to help pay for her student loans. We love the boutique style of clothing, so why not open an online store where we can sell cute trendy southern style clothing and accessories at the same time !

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